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    Advanced technology, simply priced. AdaptiBar MBE Prep
MBE Simulator &
Baby Bar MBE
Simulator & Prep
Smart Online
$395 $295 $95 $15+
What's Included 1,730 Questions
(1,530 Licensed Questions, plus 200 Simulated Civ Pro Questions. NCBE OPE 1, 2, 3 & 4 included)
744 Licensed Questions
(OPEs do not apply to CA FYLSE takers.)
Over 950 flashcards that provide a substantive review in all MBE subjects. New online video lectures, presented by Professor Jonathan Grossman.
Access Period Feb: Aug. 1st - Feb. 29th July: March 1st - July 31st June: Nov. 1st - June 30th Oct: July 1st - Oct. 31st N/A
Lifetime Access
Accessible during active program session only.
Re-Enrollment $215/Session
Rate valid for past users only.
Rate valid for past users only.
at anytime
N/A - Accessible during active program session.
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