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With its adaptive technology, database of licensed questions from the NCBE, and amazing performance analysis, AdaptiBar changes the way law students worldwide are preparing for the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE).

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Simple, intuitive user interface

Adapts to your strengths and weaknesses

AdaptiBar automatically assesses your performance and adjusts the presentation of questions to focus on your weaknesses, enabling the most effective and efficient Multistate Bar Exam review. Most Bar Exam prep courses waste time teaching stuff you already know, AdaptiBar helps you study smarter.

100% licensed MBE questions from the NCBE

Our database of licensed MBE questions from previous exams allows you to prepare with the most realistic practice questions available. In addition, detailed explanations written by legal experts make it easy to fully understand the concept so you can apply it later.

Unlimited custom practice exams

Practice Exam Mode is great for pinpointing subtopics, as well as simulating real exam conditions with a 100-question exam. Plus, the NCBE Online Practice Exams (OPEs) 1, 2, and 3 are included!

Track Your Real-Time Progress

You'll know exactly how you are scoring in every area tested on the MBE.

Timing trends are easy to spot with our patent-pending timing analysis.