Campus Reps - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I represent other bar exam preparation providers and also represent AdaptiBar?

You may represent other bar exam preparation courses if they are not in direct competition with AdaptiBar. Remember, AdaptiBar is a supplemental program that concentrates on preparation for the MBE portion of the Bar Exam. You may not be an AdaptiBar Campus Rep if you already represent another supplemental MBE prep course (such as Multistate Edge). You may represent AdaptiBar if you represent another comprehensive bar review course (such as Bar/Bri), as AdaptiBar is best used in conjunction with a comprehensive course.

Will I be an employee of AdaptiBar?

No, Campus Reps are independent contractors.

What do I do if students have difficult technical questions that I can't answer?

Answers to many technical questions, such as how AdaptiBar's patented technology works, are available online. First, you can refer students to the website for additional information. Second, for those questions you can't find online, please suggest contacting Customer Service by email and phone. We would be happy to answer any questions they may have.

Email: | Phone: 877-466-1250

Will you provide me with marketing materials?

AdaptiBar provides you with physical marketing materials as needed to help you secure enrollments, such as flyers, posters, table banners, pens, and/or other promotional items. These materials will be sent to you upon request. Please note: You are expected to return the table banner at the end of the year. Contact your Campus Rep Coordinator for a prepaid shipping label to do so.

 Campus Rep Account
How will I be able to track my sales?

Each Campus Rep has access to the Campus Rep Center. The Campus Rep Center allows you to take advantage of the electronic marketing materials, such as email templates, PDF flyers, social media posts, and sales tips. You can also track your sales and commission history there. Login now to access the Campus Rep Center.

When will my Campus Rep account retire?

Normally, Campus Reps are retired once they have graduated and taken the Bar Exam since they are no longer on campus. In some cases, reps choose to continue to promote AdaptiBar after taking the Bar Exam if they are still active on campus for various reasons or have friends taking the next administration of the Bar Exam. The Campus Rep Director will ultimately make this decision when the times comes. If at any time a Campus Rep would like to retire earlier than their Bar Exam date, they may request to do so.

How many hours a month will representing AdaptiBar require?

Campus Reps control their own sales effort, which is dependent upon their schedule and marketing plan. We estimate that investing about one hour per week actively promoting AdaptiBar will be sufficient to start generating sales.

Is there a quota of sales that I am expected to meet?

No, you are not expected to meet a specific sales quota. However, we will need to know that you are constantly making an honest effort to spread the word about the program. Please make sure to stay in contact with the Campus Rep Director and provide updates on how your efforts are going throughout the semester.

What are the bonus incentives?

In addition to the opportunity to earn commission per enrollment, AdaptiBar offers bonus incentives from time to time. For example, the Campus Rep Weekly Task program allows reps to participate by completing 1 or 2 tasks that are assigned each month. These tasks are generally fairly simple and take less than 5 minutes to complete. The more tasks you complete, the more points you earn towards bonuses and special incentives, such as extra cash, gift cards, free flashcards, and more.