The Louisiana Bar Exam

The Louisiana Bar Exam assesses whether or not a candidate is competent to practice law in Louisiana.

The Louisiana Bar Exam tests candidates on unique aspects of Louisiana's laws. The state specific portion of the Louisiana bar examination is administered in essay format.

Unlike most states, Louisiana does not require that students take the Multistate Bar Examination, or the MBE. Instead, Louisiana tests nine separate areas, including five code sections covering the Louisiana Civil Code and the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure.

AdaptiBar prepares students for the MBE portion of the Louisiana Bar Examination and is therefore not an appropriate bar preparation for those who are taking the Louisiana Bar Exam.

Louisiana Bar Exam Information

For more information on the Louisiana Bar Exam, visit the official Louisiana Bar Examination site.

Louisiana Bar Exam Results

Interested in Louisiana Bar Exam pass rates? We've collected the Louisiana Bar Exam statistics dating back to 2004: Louisiana Bar Exam Results