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    Criminal Law
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    Real Property
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AdaptiBar's new online video lectures, presented by Professor Jonathan Grossman- one of the country's top MBE experts, are not the "same old" lectures you see in your comprehensive course!

Our lectures cover all the strategies and tactics you need to know when preparing for the MBE while remaining clear and concise. Professor Grossman's "practical focus" and "no nonsense attitude" is captivating, and we know you'll agree.

  • Approx. 3 hours per Subject
  • Provides clear examples that you'll understand
  • Details what the material will "look like" on the actual exam
  • Explains how the material is tested in MBE questions
  • Includes foolproof study techniques and MBE tips

Plus, AdaptiBar's lectures come with great features, such as free mobile site access and the ability to 'type & save' personal notes while watching. AdaptiBar is changing the way students worldwide prepare for the bar exam. Read Testimonials

Bundle & Custom Orders Available!
Enroll in the exact subject & subtopic lectures that are right for you. Unlike any other bar prep provider, AdaptiBar lectures can be purchased by the bundle (includes all seven MBE subjects), subject, or even subtopic (e.g. Individual Rights). Only enroll in the areas you need to, or purchase the bundle at a discounted rate!

Unlimited Access
Access to the lectures never expires! No need to ever repurchase a video lecture if you return to use AdaptiBar in the future. As long as you have an active program session, you'll have unlimited video lecture streaming.

Jonathan Grossman increased the law school's bar passage rate..."I have been fortunate that word spread about my preparation method, and I currently offer my services to a variety of students. I previously taught classes for Kaplan/PMBR in their 6-day program, the Essay Workshop, and Florida Distinction courses. For the past several years, I was an Adjunct Instructor at Barry University School of Law where I taught the Bar Prep Course to third year students and increased the law school's bar passage rate from a 50% to a record high of 92% for the February 2013 exam. Currently, I am a Professor and working with various law schools throughout the country where I teach bar exam preparation courses and provide additional tutoring and coaching services."

"When I studied for the Bar Exam back in 2002, I took a traditional comprehensive course, did the questions and tried to keep up with the schedule. It was clear to me very quickly that there had to be a better way (and unfortunately, AdaptiBar was not available yet), so I adapted the materials and schedule to what I knew instinctively made sense to me. I was fortunate to pass the exam, and soon thereafter started working with students who recently did not pass. I found out that not only would the students get the same questions wrong, but they would all pick the same wrong answers!

After "studying" MBE questions and analyzing why we all pick the same answers and make similar mistakes, I developed techniques that any student can pick up and use no matter which subject or how good or bad they feel about the material. The majority of my time now is spent working one-on-one with students as they prepare for the exam for the first-time, or in most cases, for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 10th time. Yes, most of the students I tutor are repeat takers, and as you may know the national pass rate for repeat takers is around 35-39%. My students, (those who do the work) have consistently been passing at a rate of 80%, and I look forward to receiving an exciting testimonial from you saying, "I passed!"

They say you are "lucky" if you know what you are meant to do in your life, and I tell all my students that the only reason I passed that exam is to be able to have found what I am supposed to do in my life - help others get over this hurdle so they can find their happiness." - Jonathan Grossman

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Suptopics from AdaptiBar starting at $15 Price
Civil Procedure $95
Appealability and Review & Law Applied by Federal Courts (Erie) $20
Jurisdiction and Venue $35
Jury Trials $15
Motions $35
Pretrial Procedures $35
Verdicts and Judgments $15
Constitutional Law $95
Individual Rights $65
Judicial Review $25
Relations Between Federal and State Governments $25
Separation of Powers $25
Contracts $95
Assignment of Rights and Delegation of Duties $15
Defenses to Enforceability $15
Formation of Contracts
(Includes Formation of Contracts & Consideration)
Parol Evidence and Interpretation $15
Performance, Breach and Discharge
(Includes Conditions, Impracticability and Frustration of Purpose &
Discharge of Contractual Duties)
Remedies $15
Third-Party Rights $15
Criminal Law $95
Constitutional Protection of Accused Persons $65
General Principles $15
Homicide $25
Inchoate Crimes $15
Other Crimes $15
Evidence $95
Hearsay and Circumstances of Its Admissibility $40
Presentation of Evidence $40
Privileges and Other Policy Exclusions $15
Relevancy and Excluding Relevant Evidence $30
Writings Recordings and Photographs $15
Real Property $95
Contracts $25
Mortgages $25
Ownership $25
Rights in Land $25
Titles $25
Torts $95
Intentional Torts $15
Negligence $65
Other Torts $15
Products Liability $25
Strict Liability $15


"I used AdaptiBar to take the BAR in California. And I purchased the Lectures by Professor Jonathan Grossman. I was able to pass the Feb 2014 CA BAR after several failures. I can assure any bar candidate that the Lectures conducted by Professor Grossman will give the bar candidate the necessary skills to take and pass the BAR exam. The lectures are concise and to the point addressing the main issues presented on the BAR exam. AdaptiBar has definitely passed all the other bar reviews by adding Jonathan Grossman lectures to enhance MBE preparation for the bar exam. There are a lot of lectures out there but if you give the lectures by Jonathan Grossman a try you will see for yourself that his approach is all you need to get a superior MBE score."

Carmen, CA

"Being a repeater, the Torts and Constitutional Law videos were very useful because I was able to use them as refreshers and start answering questions before BarBri went over the subjects."

Pia, CA

"I love the practical focus on how to answer questions and strip the material down to what is needed for the MBE."

Lois, TN

"I loved it, especially the no nonsense attitude, and I liked the aspect that it took a different approach than the many, many others I've seen from Barbri and Kaplin, etc."


"Jonathan sticks to the fundamentals of law as it applies to the Bar exam. He guides you through the tedious preparation process using foolproof study techniques that build your confidence - as well has your knowledge - so that you will be 100% ready on Bar exam day - and he does so with a sense of wit and humor that actually makes the process seem fun."


"Professor Grossman identifies clearly for students the core concepts that actually appear on the test. Grossman's targeted techniques keep students from wandering off onto law school-like debates, and trains them with the clear purpose of passing the Bar exam. Professor Grossman's strategic, efficient and highly effective methods are only made more impactful by his terrific sense of humor and his warm personality. I honestly cannot recommend Professor Grossman highly enough."

Jacobi, FL

"Jonathan's attitude is relatable, even funny at times, and more importantly his lectures come across very clear on how to make sense of complex material and efficiently answer confusing multiple choice questions. After watching all of AdaptiBar's lectures on Con Law, I feel much better equipped to answer the MBE practice questions. My score increased 5% when I did 17 practice questions on Con Law immediately after watching 3 of the 4 Con Law video lectures. I will absolutely watch more of these in other subjects before answering the questions next time! I am retaking the CA bar after a failed attempt in July 2012 with BarBri. Their MBE lectures and questions did not prepare me for the MBE portion of the test."

Civil Procedure - Motions

Constitutional Law - Individual Rights

Contracts - Third Party Rights

Criminal Law - General Principles

Evidence - Ownership

Real Property - Titles

Torts - Negligence