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Study more efficiently

AdaptiBar diagnoses your subject and timing performance in each area tested on the MBE, and then automatically adapts to focus on your weakest subtopics. Plus, AdaptiBar uses licensed questions written by the NCBE, the actual organization that writes the MBE, providing you with the most authentic preparation.

Over 1,700 licensed questions

Questions are written by the NCBE, the actual writers of the MBE.

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Never be confused again

Each question comes with a detailed explanation, so you'll always know where you went right or wrong.

Find your sweet spot

Timing analysis tells you exactly how long to spend on each question.

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Get feedback in real time

Know exactly how you're doing at all times, down to the subtopic level.

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Learn from the MBE master

Watch video lectures presented by Professor Jonathan Grossman, one of the country's top MBE experts. He covers not only black letter law and its application, but also how to approach an MBE question.

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What our students say To put it simply, our students love Jonathan!

This is not an ad and I'm not getting paid but AdaptiBar is the best. Especially John Grossman. I will be a lawyer thanks mainly to John. He spoon feeds you the black letter law better than law school did for me! Then, once you have the black letter law foundation, you can go on to study the MBE and MEE with understanding. Thank you, John and AdaptiBar.

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Jonathan sticks to the fundamentals of law as it applies to the Bar exam. He guides you through the preparation process using foolproof study techniques that build your confidence - as well has your knowledge - so that you will be 100% ready on Bar exam day - and he does so with a sense of wit and humor that actually makes the process seem fun.

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Never forget the law again

AdaptiBar's 1,000+ online flashcards provide a substantive review in all seven MBE subjects to help you prepare for the bar exam. You can also customize the flashcard presentation to meet your individual studying needs and track your performance. Can your print flashcards do that?

Customize your studying

Create decks by subject, subtopic, or a custom selection of your choosing.

Formatted for retention

Simple Q&A format makes complex concepts and black letter law principles manageable.

Take notes

Take notes on your flashcards and sync them across all devices.

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Track your progress

Flag troublesome cards, examine your performance, and more, all with a few clicks.

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"I truly believe that AdaptiBar is the way to go. It cost a fraction of the price and the MBE questions are the real deal, not simulated. Thank you AdaptiBar. I could not have done it without you."

"AdaptiBar helped me improve my MBE scores by making it easy to take the MBEs anywhere. I especially liked the instant feedback and the encouragement from seeing your score improve."

"Before using AdaptiBar I had failed the bar exam twice. After AdaptiBar, I saw a significant increase in my MBE and passed with flying colors. My only regret is that I didn't use AdaptiBar the first time."

"AdaptiBar gives actual test questions, so on test day I felt really good about multiple choice because the questions were familiar. I just got my letter saying I passed! Please do this program, it really works."

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