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Your friends will receive an email from you along with a $30 discount code.


When a friend enrolls with your discount code, a check mark will appear next to his or her name under "Sent Referrals."


Once three friends have enrolled with your discount code, we will add our Smart Online Flashcards to your account ($95 value, lifetime access)!

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By participating in AdaptiBar's Referral Progam, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Flashcard Referral Program Terms & Conditions 2018

Terms and Conditions

Past and present AdaptiBar users are welcome to participate in our Flashcard Referral Program. Users who wish to participate must refer friends via the automated online system in place in order to receive free AdaptiBar Smart Online Flashcards. No exceptions. There is no limit on how many friends a user can refer.

Users must send a referral from inside their subscription account on the AdaptiBar website by typing in the referee’s email address, and clicking send. Once the referral is sent, the referee will receive an automated email with a unique referral code. The referee must then enroll with the same email address to which the referral was sent AND use the unique referral code sent by the user. (*Note that a referee, through time, may have been sent multiple referrals to the same email address from different users before enrolling. It is the referee’s choice and responsibility to enroll using the proper referral code for the user whose referral he or she wishes to claim.) Once a referee has enrolled with a specific referral code, no adjustments or exceptions will be made after enrollment has been completed. The referee will receive a $30 discount off the regular price of the program, and the AdaptiBar user will gain one of the needed three referrals towards earning free AdaptiBar Smart Online Flashcards.

The referral code must be entered at the initial time of enrollment for both the AdaptiBar user and referee to benefit. A referee who has enrolled with a user’s referral code must not terminate his or her account, for any reason, including termination by AdaptiGroup LLC, before the AdaptiBar Smart Online Flashcards have been earned by the user. If the referee’s account is terminated before that time, the referee’s enrollment will not count towards the user’s total of earned referrals.

Referral codes are not valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Referral codes are only valid when used towards the purchase of the MBE Simulator & Prep or the Baby Bar (FYLSE) MBE Simulator & Prep for the first time. Referral codes are not valid for purchase of re-enrollment, AdaptiBar’s Early Study Option, Smart Online Flashcards, and/or Online Video Lectures.

Referral codes are intended to be shared one person at a time, through use of the AdaptiBar website via direct emails sent through a user’s subscription account to a known acquaintance. Users may not advertise or solicit referrals on third party websites outside of the AdaptiBar website by, including but not limited to, posting about referral codes on online forum sites, posting about referral codes on social media sites, or advertising possible referrals, codes, or additional discounts or deals based on further action. If AdaptiGroup LLC discovers a user has posted, promoted, or shared his or her referral codes in any unauthorized manner, any and all referrals made in association with those codes will be disqualified from the program. Additionally, the user will forfeit any future use of his or her referral codes. AdaptiGroup LLC also reserves the right to disclose the user’s actions to any third party or any other authority as we may see fit.

Once a user has gained three valid referrals (three people have enrolled for the first time with the user’s referral code and not terminated their accounts), the AdaptiBar Smart Online Flashcards will be added to the user's account within the next five business days, and the user will receive a confirmation email to the email address associated with the account. If a user has already purchased Smart Online Flashcards, there will be no refund or credit of any kind. No exceptions. If a user refers more than three people who enroll, there will be no additional compensation or credit. No adjustments to prior enrollments or retroactive commissions will be given.

AdaptiGroup LLC has the right to modify or cancel the Flashcard Referral Program in any way at any time without notice. In addition, by using the Flashcard Referral Program, users also agree to be bound by all of the Terms and Conditions of Use posted on our website.