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    About Us

We've been where you're at now. We're lawyers and technologists who knew there was a better way to study for the MBE but couldn't find it. So we decided to build it.

That was the genesis of AdaptiBar. It's the best way to prepare for the MBE because we've built it based on a deep understanding of who you are and how you can best prepare for the MBE.


Tarek Fadel
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
AdaptiGroup LLC

Tarek is a graduate of the Chicago-Kent College of Law. In 1995, Tarek founded Chicago Technology Consultants, Ltd. (CTC), a company which specialized in technology for the legal, medical and dental fields. Through his experiences as an examinee and head rep for a major bar exam preparation vendor, Tarek realized in law school that he could apply his technical expertise to creating a better way to prepare for the Multistate Bar Exam - and a better experience for the exam taker. He founded AdaptiGroup LLC to bring this vision to life.

"I had the idea to develop AdaptiBar while I was studying for the bar exam in 2003. While sitting in another supplemental program, I thought there must be a better way of doing this. AdaptiBar is the better way.

I withdrew from the July 2003 exam and immediately began developing AdaptiBar. I wanted to use my own program to study for the bar exam. I took the February 2005 exam in Illinois and passed, the first time. Now I can truly say that AdaptiBar is the finest preparation tool on the market.

AdaptiBar isn't just about the best technology. It is about the best technology, providing the best customer service in the industry and, most importantly, providing all of this at the best price. It is about a company that believes in its service so much, that it will stand behind it 105%!"

All the best,

Tarek Fadel