• Baby Bar Prep Program
    California Baby Bar (FYLSE)

Are you weak in Contracts? How about Torts? AdaptiBar lets you know exactly where you need the most help and then presents questions in those subjects until you are proficient. The program concentrates on the three MBE subjects you'll be tested on for the Baby Bar and provides the tools, feedback, and confidence you need to pass.

  • Subjects Included:

  • Contracts,

  • Criminal Law,

  • Torts

What is the Baby Bar (FYLSE)?

The Baby Bar is required of all law students who have completed their first year of law study at a school that is not accredited by the ABA or State Bar. The exam is administered yearly in June and October and consists of 4 essay questions and 100 multiple-choice questions in Contracts, Criminal Law, & Torts.

Why AdaptiBar for FYLSE Prep?

AdaptiBar has been preparing CA law students for the Baby Bar for nearly 11 years. Baby Bar users get access to all of the unique features AdaptiBar is known for, such as its database of licensed MBE questions from the NCBE and adaptive technology that adjusts to focus on your weaknesses. Learn more about program features.

Baby Bar Review Program Sessions

Two program sessions are offered per year, October and June, based on when you are taking the exam.

Access Periods:
June: November 1st through June 30th
October: July 1st through October 31st

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Enroll in AdaptiBar now and you'll be guaranteed the reduced re-enrollment rate of $245 for when it comes time to study for the full California Bar Exam.

Online Video Lectures

AdaptiBar's video lectures cover everything you need to know when preparing for the MBE while remaining clear and concise. Bundle and custom ordering available! Purchase only the subject(s) and subtopic(s) you need. . Learn more

Bundle (All 7 Subjects) $450 (Reg. $665)

Baby Bar Bundle (3 Subjects Only) $225 (Reg. $285)

Individual Subjects $95

Individual Subtopics $15 +


"I was able to pass the Baby Bar on the first attempt, with an 84 on the multiple choice portion of the exam (MBE). Throughout my two months of preparation using AdaptiBar, I was scoring around 73.5%, but when I received my results and scored an 84 on the multiple choice portion - I was estatic!"

Nathan Rein
Northwestern California University
School of Law

"I took the baby bar exam and passed with the help of your program. I just answered the questions for the contracts, criminal law and torts questions. This was my third time taking... the baby bar and I truly believe that doing the hundreds of mbe's is what helped me finally pass. I had answered mbe's from the books before but wasn't able to get as many done because of the going back and forth to look at the answers. I just want to say thank you for helping me pass the baby bar (and I will be back for the state bar!)"

Darcie H., Visalia, CA

"I liked how easy it was to access. I did not have to lug books around if I went home for the weekend and wanted to just use the computer."

Nathan S.
San Diego, CA