New AdaptiBar Features- Statistics Per MBE Question

AdaptiBar Performance Statistics Per MBE Question

AdaptiBar is proud to announce the launch of its new statistics per question in Practice Questions mode – just in time for the start of the July 2013 program session! Now, AdaptiBar users have the ability to take an even closer look into their performance for each MBE question. The new performance data and analysis per question is conveniently displayed in a sidebar that includes the user’s average accuracy rate for the particular question, as well as the user’s optimal answer time and history of answers submitted in the past. Plus, this program update includes performance for all users combined, allowing individual users to benchmark their performance against other state and nation-wide averages. See the screenshot below and description of what’s included:



  • Your Average: Average accuracy rate for the particular question. Every answer that the user has ever submitted for the question is included in this accuracy rate.
  • State Average: Average accuracy rate of all AdaptiBar users in the user’s state for the question.
  • National Average: Average accuracy rate of all AdaptiBar users for the question.


  • Your Time: The minutes and seconds the user took to answer the question.
  • Average Time: The average time it takes all AdaptiBar users to answer this question.
  • Your Optimal Time: The user’s average answer time when answering this question correctly.
  • Average Optimal Time: The average answer time for all AdaptiBar users when answering this question correctly.

Student Responses:

  • This section displays the percentage of AdaptiBar users selecting each answer choice.


  • This section displays the user’s answer history for this question only, including the time/date the question was previously answered as well as the answer choice submitted.


To assist our users in adjusting to the new format, a step-by-step tour and tooltips are available within the program. As usual, users with questions are advised to read the Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of AdaptiBar for additional information or contact Customer Service via email or phone.

Written by The AdaptiBar Team
AdaptiBar is the only Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) bar prep provider to combine 100 percent of the licensed questions from the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) with patented adaptive technology that tracks performance and targets weaknesses, yielding the most efficient and personalized study experience available. The program is designed for each individual to customize their learning and refine internal timing by simulating real-life conditions of the bar exam. Since 2003, AdaptiBar’s dedicated team of lawyers, technology experts, and customer service specialists have provided thousands of law students and lawyers in every jurisdiction in the United States, and more than 50 countries, with the tools and confidence they need to pass the MBE.

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