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We highly recommend reading the "Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of AdaptiBar" before you begin. You can also refer to one of the PDF guides below based on your status as a Bar Examinee.

Bar Exam
Baby Bar Exam
No worries. Simply click here and we'll send you a password reminder via e-mail. This e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you enrolled with.
You can login at AdaptiBar.mobi from your mobile device. You will need an internet connection and JavaScript enabled. Open the internet browser on your mobile device and type "adaptibar.mobi".
Please Note: The mobile site is not available for free trial users. You must enroll in AdaptiBar to get access to the mobile site.
For the full MBE program, there are 1,964 MBE questions covering all seven MBE subjects. For the Baby Bar program, there are 814 licensed MBE questions covering the three subjects tested on the FYLSE.
Once you have exhausted every question in a particular subject, you will start to see duplicates. AdaptiBar will always present a question you have not answered yet before presenting one that you have already answered. Once you have answered every question in the database at least once, AdaptiBar will message you via the Message Center.
Yes. AdaptiBar consists of every licensed MBE question from the NCBE. In "Practice Exam" mode, you can take the NCBE's Online Practice Exams 1, 2, 3 and 4. All four exams consist of 100 questions from the years 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2013. These are the exact exams available from the NCBE's website.

Please Note: These questions are also included in the master database so it is possible to see one of these questions in Practice Questions mode.
Test Drive is designed to show you the various features and functions of AdaptiBar. There is not time restriction, but it will not actually prepare you for the exam, as the trial consists of just a handful of simulated MBE questions.
One discount or referral code can be applied to a new enrollment. No discount or referral codes apply to re-enrollments or MBE flashcards. To enter a discount code, simply type the code in the designated field in the enrollment pages. You will see the discount get subtracted from your total amount due. If you entered a code when registering for the free trial version, the code will automatically be applied when you enroll.
Past AdaptiBar users can re-enroll for just $215 for any session. To re-enroll, login using your past user name and password and you will be prompted to re-enroll at the reduced rate.