First, you will need to log in to AdaptiBar by using the e-mail address and password you used when you enrolled. If you forgot your password, click here to get a password reminder emailed to you.

On the Dashboard, you can quickly access all of the main program features as well as check your overall performance. Your overall accuracy rate and total number of questions answered is displayed on the left. On the right, you will find the average accuracy rate and total number of questions answered for all AdaptiBar users enrolled in the same program session as you.

Question Progress Bar: Click on the icon located below "Questions Answered" and your Question Progress percentage will appear. This is the percentage of questions in the database that you have answered so far. Click on the title "Question Progress" to view a complete breakdown of how many questions you have answered in each subject and subtopic. The Questions Progress chart is especially helpful in determining how many "new" questions you have left in the database.

AdaptiBar's settings page allows you to customize the program to your individual preferences.


  • Message Center: AdaptiBar suggests that you leave the Message Center enabled, as the messages are sent based on your individual performance and provide helpful guidance and preparation tips throughout your program session. If you disable the Message Center, you will no longer receive the pop-up messages that notify you of a new unopened message, however you will still be able to access your messages by clicking on the "Messages" tab in the main options panel.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: AdaptiBar gives you the option to use certain keyboard shortcuts while answering questions in Practice Questions mode, Practice Exams mode, and when using the Smart Online Flashcards. This feature is disabled by default. To enable the feature, simply choose "Enable" and save your settings.
  • Select a Time Zone: Changing this setting to reflect your current time zone will ensure that when you answer a question, that answer is recorded for the appropriate day. For example, if you are in California and you answer a question at 10:05 PM, that question will be recorded as being answered on the next day if your time zone was still set to Central Time. It does this because AdaptiBar's primary servers are located in the Central time zone and in that time zone, it was 12:05 AM (the next day) when you answered that question.

Default Dates:

  • Default Dates (Performance Statistics): Here you can choose the dates you want to view statistics for when in the Dashboard or any subject performance or timing graph. Select "View Current Session" to include your progress throughout the entire program session. If you select "View Specific Dates", you can specify the exact date range to include. This setting is simply the default and does not preclude you from changing the dates on the individual performance graphs.

    If you have multiple sessions, the "View All Sessions" option will include your progress from all previous and current sessions. Click "Save Settings" and AdaptiBar will default to this date setting every time you log in.
  • Default Dates for Flashcards: AdaptiBar automatically tracks your activity with the flashcards. This default date setting allows you to select the start date to include your flashcard progress. For example: If you set your start date to today, the program will not include your performance from previous dates. This option allows you to essentially "start over".


  • Set ADA Settings: If you are given extra time to take the MBE due to ADA accommodations, you may do so in the Timing section of your settings. Under "Set ADA Settings" simply adjust the time allowed.

After you have made your setting choices, click "Save Settings".

Practice Questions

Practice Questions mode is what AdaptiBar is most known for, as the advanced, patented adaptive technology is applied in this mode only. While answering questions, AdaptiBar realizes which areas you are performing weaker in and automatically adjusts the presentation of questions to focus on your weaknesses without neglecting an area of strength. The program is continuously assessing your real-time performance and adjusting to your current studying needs, allowing for the most effective and efficient use of your study time.

Click on the Practice Questions icon on the dashboard, then simply select the MBE subject(s) you would like to include. To the right of the subjects, the Additional Options section with four choices for what to show or not show while answering practice questions.

  • Timer: If you find the timer distracting, you can choose to hide it by unchecking this box. The program will still time you, but you just won't see the timer while answering questions.
  • Question Number & Subject: We recommend that you do not show this option. Seeing the subject while answering questions could possibly tip you off to the correct answer.
  • Number of Questions Answered: Setting this to "Show" will display three small counters at the top-right of the screen that tell you how many questions you have answered since the last time you logged in (Session), today (Today), and in total throughout the entire program session (Total).
  • Instructions: Uncheck this box if you do not want to see the Instructions page each time you begin answering practice questions. These are the actual instructions that will appear on your MBE. It is very important that you read and understand them because they will influence the way you answer questions.

The question will appear with the answer choices below it. You will notice the timer running at the top of the page (if you chose to show the timer). When the timer exceeds the average time to answer each question (1.8 minutes), it will appear bolded to give you a subtle indication that you better pick up the pace.

When you are taking a paper exam, you may be inclined to exclude certain answers that you feel are incorrect. You would do this by somehow marking that question so that you can more easily choose between the remaining answers. In AdaptiBar, all you need to do to deselect an answer is click on the text of that answer. The text will appear with a line through it to indicate you have excluded that answer. Click it again to reverse the process. Even if you exclude an answer by clicking on it, you can still choose that answer as the correct one and submit it. To select an answer, simply click in the circle to the left of the answer. When you are ready to submit the answer, click the "Answer" button at the bottom of the screen.

When you are taking a paper exam, you may want to highlight certain text in your question booklet. In AdaptiBar, to highlight text, click on the highlighter icon located above each question. The icon will turn yellow to indicate you can begin highlighting text. Position your cursor at the beginning of the text you would like to highlight, left click and hold and drag your mouse to the end of the text you wish to highlight. You can also just double click an individual word to highlight that entire word. To undo your last highlight, click the reverse icon to the right of the highlighter icon. To undo all of your highlights, click the X icon all the way on the right.

If you do not want to answer that question, click the "Pass" button. This will move you to the next randomly selected question without recording an answer for the one you just saw. Excessively passing on questions will adversely affect your studying because you do not have the luxury of passing on the actual MBE. However, you are only practicing here, so we gave you the option.

Clicking the "Stop for Now" button will take you back to the Dashboard.

When you answer a question, you will automatically receive feedback based on your answer. If you answered correctly, you will see green text indicating so. If you are incorrect, you will be shown your letter choice in red text along with the correct letter choice in green. Below the correct answer you will see the detailed explanation. Carefully read the explanations so that you know exactly why your answer was correct or incorrect. Below the explanation, the original question and answers will be displayed with the correct answer in green. Click on the tool icon located in the top-right of your screen to view the options: flag the question or send an error report to our legal experts. Flagging the question makes it much easier to find later when generating a report of your past questions in the View Past Questions & Answers section under Performance.

Performance Statistics Per Question: Now you can see your performance per question, as well as the average performance of all AdaptiBar users! Simply select the "Show Statistics" button to the right of the question to open the new side panel. Here you'll find all the data you can ask for pertaining to the question you just answered. Hover over the text to read a short explanation about each statistic. The most important tabs, Performance and Timing, default to open. Simply click Student Responses or History to view additional data. Once you open the "Show Statistics" side panel it will remain open throughout your studies until you select "Hide Statistics".

To continue, click "Next Question".

PLEASE NOTE: If you have keyboard shortcuts enabled in Settings, you may use the following shortcuts while answering questions in Practice Question Mode. To select an answer choice hit the A, B, C, or D key on your keyboard. Pressing Enter will submit your answer choice. Additionally, the P key serves as the "Pass" button, the N key serves as the "Next Question" button, and the S key serves as the "Stop For Now" button.

Practice Exams

In Practice Exams mode, you have the following options:

  • Create a customized practice exam.
    To create a customized exam, select the subject(s) and subtopic(s) you want to include. Next, select if you want to show the timer and enter the number of questions (1-100) you want to include in the exam. Ideally, you should emulate the morning or afternoon session of the MBE by creating a 100-question exam with all seven MBE subjects included. However, if you would like to narrow in on a specific subtopic you're struggling with, you may do so with mini customized exams here.
  • Take one of the 4 NCBE Online Practice Exams (OPEs).
    Does not apply to CA FYLSE Baby Bar program
    All four exams consist of 100 questions (including six subjects) released in 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2013. Simply select the exam you wish to take and click "Next" to begin. PLEASE NOTE: These questions are also included in the master database, so you may also see these questions while preparing in Practice Questions mode. Also, these exams were released before the addition of Civil Procedure, therefore Civil Procedure is not included on any of the NCBE OPEs. For that reason, we caution you against using this mode too often, as an important subject is not being covered.
  • Finish an incomplete exam.
    Should you start a customized exam or NCBE OPE and not complete it, the exam will be saved under "Incomplete Exams" within Practice Exams mode. The chart lists all of your incomplete exams by the creation date, as well as how many total questions are included and how many questions you submitted answers for already. To delete any of these exams, simply click the trash icon to the right. PLEASE NOTE: Once you delete an incomplete exam, it's removed from your program and there is no way to retrieve it again.

Completed Exams: After you complete and submit your exam, you will receive an exam report. Your exam reports are accessible anytime in the Performance Analysis Center (PAC) under "Exam Reports."

Incomplete Exams: If you would like to stop an exam in the middle with the intention of completing it later, simply click the "Stop for Now" button. This incomplete exam will be stored in Practice Exams mode for you to resume or delete at any time.

Important Notice: AdaptiBar's adaptive technology is not applied in Practice Exams mode. We must caution you against this method of preparation. Students like to use this feature because it allows them to pinpoint particular subtopics. However, doing so will negate the innovative adaptive and timing features of AdaptiBar. We recommend that you do not use this feature. Simply answer questions in Practice Questions mode only and allow AdaptiBar to adjust the presentation of questions based on your strengths and weaknesses.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have keyboard shortcuts enabled in Settings, you may use the following shortcuts while answering questions in Practice Exam Mode. To select an answer choice hit the A, B, C, or D key on your keyboard. Pressing the N key will take you to the next question, and the P key serves as the "Previous Question" button. Additionally, pressing S is "Stop For Now" and E is "End Exam".

Click the "Track Performance" icon on the Dashboard to view the Performance Analysis Center (PAC). Here you can select from a variety of subject and timing performance graphs.

  • The Subject Performance graph will show your accuracy rate in each subject. For further detail on your performance per subtopic (e.g. Negligence), click on the + to the left of the subject and the graph will expand to display your accuracy rates. In the parenthesis after each subject/subtopic, the number of questions you have answered correct out of the total number of questions answered is provided. In the left panel, select "Today" to adjust the graph to only show statistics from questions answered today, or select "Session" to adjust the graph to show your statistics for your entire program session. To view your accuracy rates for a specific date range, enter the start and end dates under "Custom". Click "Submit" after you entered the specific date range and the graph will adjust accordingly. If you have previous sessions and would like to include those statistics, select "All Sessions" to review your performance throughout your entire time with AdaptiBar. If you do not have previous sessions, the "All Sessions" option will not appear.

    Benchmarks: You can compare your scores to AdaptiBar users preparing for the same bar exam as you. To see statistics for all AdaptiBar users studying for the same bar exam in your state, select "Session" so the graph includes statistics from your entire program session, and then select "State" under the Benchmarks section in the bottom left panel. The page will refresh and the state averages will be displayed in orange. To see statistics for all AdaptiBar users studying for the same bar exam as you nationwide, choose "Session" and then choose "National". The averages presented will include every AdaptiBar user registered for the same program session as you. You are also able to see benchmark data for a custom date range as long as it falls within your current session access period.

  • The Subject Analysis line graph allows you to evaluate your performance over a given period. Select "All Subjects" to view your performance for all seven MBE subjects or select only one subject to concentrate on by adjusting the drop-down menu. The graph charts your overall accuracy percentage (y-axis) and allows you to compare your performance on different dates (x-axis). To change the date range, enter the start and end dates in the left panel under "Custom" and click "Submit". You can see your progress over time by months in your session or alter the date range to see your progress for specific weeks or even days. The x-axis will adjust accordingly depending on the date range specified in the top panel.

  • The Timing Performance chart shows what your accuracy rate is at each interval of time. For example, in the screenshot you can see this user has a 84% accuracy rate when answering questions in between 1 and 2 minutes. You can choose the number of minute increments you want to view by adjusting the drop-down menu next to "Minutes Tracked" located on the left panel. You can also choose the number of increments per minute by adjusting the drop-down menu next to "Increments Per Minute". This will allow you to view your timing performance in more detail, if desired. For example, if you choose 10-second increments, each minute presented will be broken up into 6 increments (60 seconds/10 increments). Like the other performance graphs, you can adjust the dates included for the graph in the left panel.

  • The Timing Analysis graph shows your subject performance compared to answer time. The time on the x-axis is displayed in 10-second increments. The vertical green line marks the average time you have for each question on the MBE (1.8 minutes). The orange line indicates your subject performance at each answer time. The vertical yellow line highlights your "sweet spot", or the interval of time in which you answer with the greatest accuracy. The calculation is weighted depending on the number of questions you have answered correctly. It is important to note that the vertical yellow line may appear at a time that is not actually your highest accuracy. Your highest accuracy time may be based on much fewer answers than what your "sweet spot" actually is.

  • Below the graph, you will see additional statistics about your timing performance. When a statistic refers to "completion time," that time is based on one three-hour section of the MBE. These statistics will calculate if you will be over or under the standard examination time given for the MBE. On the actual exam, you'll complete two, three hour sections for the MBE.

    PLEASE NOTE: When you first start to use AdaptiBar, you may see strange statistics and feedback. AdaptiBar needs you to answer several questions before your statistics begin to normalize. When answering questions in AdaptiBar, please take them seriously, as if you were sitting for the actual exam. If you allow yourself to get overly distracted, and you take three or four minutes to answer several questions, your data will be skewed.

  • Past Questions allows you to generate a report of questions you previously answered. This report includes questions answered in both program modes: Practice Questions and Practice Exams. You will have the option to choose correct and/or incorrect questions, as well as those that you flagged, in any combination of subject(s) and subtopic(s). You can also specify a custom date range in which you would like to include questions from. To generate a report, complete each step listed in the form:

    1. Select the Subject(s)/Subtopic(s):
      1. Select the specific areas of law that you would like to include.
    2. Show Questions I Marked:
      1. Select the type of questions: correct, incorrect, or all. You can also include only those questions that you previously flagged.
    3. Choose Date Range:
      1. This will tell the program to include only questions answered within the specified date range. Choose from Today, Session, or Specific.
    4. Additional Options:
      1. Adjust the drop-down under "Sort By" to list the questions in a particular order: Question #, Date Answered, or Subject/Topic
      2. Mark if you want the date you answered the question displayed
      3. Search by keyword - This new feature allows you to pull questions that contain a keyword only. This option will search all questions AND question explanations for the word you enter here.
    5. Click "Go" to generate the report.

    PLEASE NOTE: Each report is limited to 300 questions, so you may have to adjust your selections or generate several reports.

  • Exam Reports allows you to view your past exams and delete them from your account, if necessary. Click the exam number to open the report within your internet browser. To delete an exam, click the trash icon located on the right. Deleting an exam report will delete all of those questions and your answers from your performance statistics.

  • The Past Performance Table allows you to view your subject performance statistics in stages, or sets of 350 questions (150 questions for Baby Bar users). This report does not distinguish between questions answered in Practice Questions or Practice Exams modes. The Past Performance Table is a great tool for reviewing your performance throughout your program session and gauging how well you are preparing.

    The Past Performance Table details the start and end date of each stage, along with the number of questions (e.g. 1 - 350). As you answer more questions, more stages will appear. After you've answered enough questions to complete 5 or more stages, scroll to the right to view your most recent performance. You can click on the individual subjects to view your performance per subtopic. Increases in your accuracy rates from the previous stage will be displayed in green and decreases in your accuracy rates from the previous stage will be displayed in red. This table clearly details your performance and allows you to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses per stage. Check this table after you complete each stage to identify the subtopics you need to review in your outlines. The idea here is to constantly use the licensed MBE questions in AdaptiBar to diagnose your weaknesses and determine which areas you should be studying in your outlines. You should see fewer and fewer subtopics that you need to study after each stage. If your accuracy rates are red, we strongly encourage you to review those areas in your outlines again.

  • The Question Progress chart allows you to track how many questions in the database you have answered and how many questions you have left. Questions answered in both program modes (Practice Questions and Practice Exams) are included in this chart. Next to each subject you will see the number of questions you have answered so far out of the total number of questions available in the database. Once you have answered every question in the subject at least once, the first number will change from red to green. To view the number of questions per subtopic, mouse over each subject and a box will appear with additional data.

  • PLEASE NOTE: You will not be cut off after you answer all the available questions in the database once, as you have unlimited access to AdaptiBar's database of licensed MBE questions from the NCBE during your session access period. You can answer the questions as many times as you would like. The purpose of this chart is track how many "new" questions (that you have not seen yet) are left in the database. For those of you who are determined to answer every question in the database at least once, you'll find this chart helpful.

AdaptiBar's interactive features act as a personal tutor that guides you through the process of preparing for the MBE. As you study, AdaptiBar will assess your performance and provide you with progressive feedback and advice on what step to take next. There has never been a smarter way to study!

The Message Center
AdaptiBar will send you messages to ensure you are preparing effectively and efficiently for the MBE. You will be reminded if you have an incomplete exam or if you are neglecting various features of the program, which will help you make better informed decisions on what action to take next. Each message is sent according to your personal account and performance.

When you have a new message, a preview of the message pops up at the top right corner of your screen. To go to the Message Center and read your messages, click the message preview or the Message Center tab in the left options panel.

After you read the message, you can move it to the "Trash" folder by selecting the message and clicking on the trash can. Important messages will get purged and will continue to appear each time you login until you complete the task.

AdaptiBar's Smart Online MBE Flashcards include over 1,000 flashcards that provide a substantive review in all seven MBE subjects to assist you in your MBE preparation. The flashcards are presented in a Question-Answer format and can be adjusted to focus on specific subtopic(s) if you choose. If you have already upgraded to the MBE Flashcards, you can begin studying by logging in and clicking on the Flashcards icon located in the Dashboard. If you have not upgraded to the flashcards, you may do so at any time for an additional $95 for lifetime access.

View Flashcards:

  1. Select the subject(s) and subtopic(s) you would like to include.
  2. Choose whether you want the flashcards presented "Randomly" or "In Order" of the flashcard number.
    1. Random: Presents you flashcards at random in the areas of your choice.
    2. In Order: Presents you flashcards in order based on the flashcard number in AdaptiBar's database.
  3. The option "Show me cards I've never flipped before showing me duplicates" will always default to be checked, as this is how AdaptiBar recommends you prepare. This option allows you to view new flashcards you have never flipped before presenting you with duplicates. It's a good idea to keep this option ON so you can make sure you eventually view every flashcard in the database. You may turn this feature OFF at any time, but please know that it may cause you to see duplicate flashcards since your previous performance is not taken into consideration.
  4. Click "Next" to begin viewing flashcards.

Track Your Performance Read the question presented on the front of the card, and click the flip icon in the top-left to view the answer. The system automatically tracks which flashcards you flip to the backside, but it is up to you to mark the flashcard as correct or incorrect based on how well you knew the answer given. You may also "flag" a card to revisit it in the future by selecting the flag icon. Your performance statistics (including how many times you flipped the card, as well as how many times you marked it correct or incorrect) are displayed on the backside so it is easy to keep track of your progress. You may also type personal notes on the backside that will automatically be saved and displayed the next time you flip that flashcard.

Review Past Flashcards Click on "Review Past Flashcards" to revisit all the flashcards that you previously viewed (flipped to the backside) in the past. You have all the options available to select exactly what flashcards you want to review again. The option "All Flashcards" under "Settings" includes every flashcard that you previously flipped (including flagged flashcards). The second option "Flagged Flashcards Only" includes only flashcards you previously flipped AND clicked the flag icon. For both options, you can pinpoint the flashcards you previously marked as correct, incorrect, or left blank with no marking. Once you made your selections, specify the date range and click "Next".

  • Example #1: If you want to view every single card you ever flipped, select "All Flashcards" and check all three options: Correct, Incorrect, and Not Marked.
  • Example #2: If you want to view only the flashcards that you flagged but did not mark as correct or incorrect, select "Flagged Flashcards Only" and only check the "Not Marked" option.

Search by Keyword If you would like to view flashcards that contain a keyword or phrase, select the "Search by Keyword" option. Simply choose the subjects and subtopics you would like to include, type your keyword or phrase and click "Next".

Every user prepares with flashcards differently, so the AdaptiBar Team has made it possible to sort and pull flashcards based on your individual preference. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (877) 466-1250.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have keyboard shortcuts enabled in Settings, you may use the following shortcuts while preparing with the flashcards. To flip a card to the other side, hit "Enter" on your keyboard. Pressing "C" will mark the flashcard correct, and pressing "I" will mark the card incorrect. Additionally, pressing the "F" key will "Flag" the card, "N" will take you to the next card, and "P" will take you to the previous card.

AdaptiBar’s Online Video Lectures are currently available in Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts. They can be purchased by bundle pack (all 7 subjects), per subject (e.g. Torts), or even on the individual subtopic level (e.g. Negligence). AdaptiBar also offers a Mastering the MBE video which offers a practical, step-by-step approach to tackling the MBE. In it, Professor Grossman offers expert advice gained over his years of teaching and tutoring while helping thousands of students pass the bar exam. He uses an easy, 3-step process that will teach you how to approach an MBE question. He also covers the most common mistakes examinees make and how to correct them. When you enroll in a video lecture you will have access to that lecture as long as you have an active AdaptiBar program session (MBE or Baby Bar). For example, say you enroll in the February session and purchase the Contracts subject video lecture. Then, you decide to re-enroll in AdaptiBar for the July Bar Exam in a different jurisdiction. Once you re-enroll in the new session, your Contracts video will be available again for you to use. No need to ever re-enroll in the video lectures.

Once enrolled in the video lectures, access them by clicking the “Video Lectures” button in your homepage Dashboard. On the Lectures page, you will see the video in the middle of the screen and the Subject menu to the left. Simply click on a Subject to expand the full menu. The subtopics that you had purchased will be shown in darker text, and those that are unavailable will be grayed out and italicized. To watch the video, select the subtopic of choice and the video will begin to play to the right.

Video Notes
Below the video you will see a section labeled “Take Notes”. Under the “New” tab you can conveniently type in any notes that you want to save while watching the video lecture. When you are finished typing a note, click “Save”. You can access all notes regarding the subtopic you are viewing at any time under the “Subject” tab. The “All” tab will contain all the notes you have saved for all subjects. Click the trash can icon to the right of each note to delete it.

PLEASE NOTE: Want to upgrade to more video lectures? Either click on the “Upgrade” link located above the videos OR simply click on an individual subtopic that is not available. This will take you to the upgrade page where you can add on more lectures.

The AdaptiBar program is made up of 1,964 questions (1,530 licensed MBE questions + 200 simulated Civ Pro questions and 15 simulated Real Property questions). Before you begin answering questions in AdaptiBar you should review your comprehensive course outlines for each of the subjects in detail. Once you have reviewed the subjects, you may begin to answer questions. We recommend that you divide the program into "stages" of 350 questions each. Do not answer questions in Practice Exams mode, you should start in Practice Questions mode only. If you are a first-time taker, you may answer the first stage by doing 50 questions in each subject. If you have taken the exam before, you should mix up all 7 subjects and answer the questions that AdaptiBar presents based on your performance. Answer the 350 questions over the course of maybe 10-12 days. Take your time answering each question and always thoroughly read the explanation.

Once you have answered a total of 350 questions, stop. Go to the Subject Performance chart. Expand all 7 subjects and print the chart out. Of the 36 subtopics, you will probably be able to identify 20 weak subtopics. Spend one day on each subject and work on the weak subtopics in each subject by reviewing your outlines. After spending one day on each subject, begin answering questions again. The program also automatically keeps track of your start and end dates for you for each stage in the Past Performance Table.

Once the counter tells you that you have answered a total of 700 questions, view your Subject Performance graph and input the dates of the second stage to see your stats for just the second set of 350 questions. Expand the subjects and print out the chart. Compare your performance to the first stage. Hopefully, of the 20 weak subtopics in the first stage, your studying has paid off and those have been reduced to only about 14 weak subtopics. Study those 14 weak subtopics thoroughly and then begin the third stage of questions.

After studying those 14 weak subtopics, hopefully after the third stage, the chart will tell you that you are still only weak in 8. Then after the fourth stage, only 4. The idea here is to constantly use the questions to diagnose your weaknesses. The questions are not your primary source of substantive review for the MBE, the outlines are. You use AdaptiBar to easily diagnose your weaknesses and track your progress.

In general, when using AdaptiBar, don't be obsessed with answering a certain number of questions a day. It is important that you practice questions every day. However, all too often, students feel confident in their studying - they have practiced the number of questions their comprehensive course tells them to do each day. A problem arises when students become obsessed with the quantity of questions they answer daily rather than the quality with which they answer those questions. Anyone can do fifty questions a day; answering them and fully understanding the answers is another story. Study smart, otherwise you are wasting your time.

We wish you the best of luck and hope that you enjoy using AdaptiBar. Don't be afraid to talk to us. The AdaptiBar Team is here to make your bar preparation experience the best it can possibly be. From all of us that have made this program possible, thank you for your support.