Since 2003, thousands of students worldwide have successfully prepared for the MBE with AdaptiBar. And now law schools nationwide are benefiting from Law School Analytics™ by assessing their students' performance and making the necessary adjustments to their curriculum to better prepare their students for the MBE. Partnering with AdaptiBar, administrators across the country now have the data they need to predict how their students will perform on the MBE. Since AdaptiBar gathers performance data over a period of time, not just from one exam, the performance analysis reports are far more accurate and reliable than any data you may get from your jurisdiction. You can accurately identify weaknesses in certain subjects and subtopics, allowing you to fine tune your curriculum and increase bar passage rates.


View your students' subject performance, collectively or individually, in each subject and subtopic for any given date range.


Compare your students' performance to national and state averages. Analyze the performance of students at other schools in your state.


Determine if your students' performance is a function of timing rather than a lack of knowledge. Gauge your faculty's effectiveness in preparing students for the MBE.

Gain access to a complete breakdown of student accuracy rates by MBE subject and subtopic with the Subject Performance chart. View your law school's overall performance, including the total number of MBE questions students have answered, or narrow in on individual statistics. By pinpointing your students' specific strengths and weaknesses, you can ensure that the curriculum of your law school properly aligns with your students' needs

Adaptibar's student dashboard

Timing Analysis takes into consideration MBE performance over time to indicate the average interval of time that students answer questions with the highest accuracy. Data is also collected to analyze the time in which students are projected to complete the bar exam in comparison to the time they will actually be allotted on exam day.

Adaptibar's timing analysis graph

The Student Performance chart is your strategic insight to identifying at-risk students that are either failing to complete their bar prep or are scoring poorly on practice MBE questions. View individual accuracy rates by subject, or select start and end dates to track progress. You can also input the minimum number of questions answered so that statistics are not offset by students ineffectively using the program.

Screen showing student performance
Screen showing assignments


Customize how your students prepare for the MBE using the Assignments feature. First, select the specific students you would like to create an assignment for. Then, choose from a variety of manual and automatic testing options to provide your students with relevant MBE questions. For example, you can handpick the program mode (i.e. Practice Exams) and MBE questions that you would like your students to see. Or, select from specific subjects and subtopics or an OPE exam.

Plus much more!

You will have access to a variety of additional features using Law School Analytics™ that all give you inside access to effective bar exam preparation. From comparing your law school's performance to national, state, or other school averages, generating comprehensive performance reports to share with colleagues, and accessing online video lectures that simplify the law, you can rest assured that you have the information necessary to refine your curriculum to match your students' needs and increase bar exam passage rates.

Ready to learn more about how AdaptiBar can help your students and give your law school administrators a powerful tool for improving bar exam performance?