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The Guarantee

If you use our program, complete 1,300 questions, and fail the bar exam, you can receive 105% of your money back!*

Of course, there's an asterisk (*)! There are three parts to this deal:

First, you must be a first-time user of AdaptiBar.

Second, you must (i) complete and provide qualified answers to at least 1,300 original questions only in accordance with the instructions set forth in the AdaptiBar program, (ii) achieve an overall accuracy rate of 70% or higher at the end of your session, and (iii) take and fail the bar exam which coincides with the AdaptiBar session you have enrolled in.

Third, AdaptiBar agrees to (i) refund 105% of your enrollment fee or (ii) re-enroll you in the immediately succeeding AdaptiBar session at no additional cost. You may elect either, but not both, of these options.

To claim either option, you must notify us at by providing your name and account email address. You must mail a copy of your official bar exam results within 30 days of the date on the notice of failure. Failure to do so within 30 days waives your right to claim this guarantee. Once all information has been received and reviewed, the AdaptiBar team will determine your eligibility.

Now for the finer points.

You must answer the minimum 1,300 questions within one continuous session, which must be the session that correlates with the bar exam date you selected when you registered. Questions that are answered in less than thirty seconds and questions that have been answered more than once are not qualified answers and will not count towards the 1,300 question threshold and will not be considered in the calculation of your overall accuracy rate. The AdaptiBar Team will verify the number of original questions completed and the accuracy rate of original questions only as recorded in our database. AdaptiBar is the sole determinate of the user's compliance with the aforementioned requirements.

You may only invoke this guarantee once. This guarantee applies only to the purchase and refund of AdaptiBar’s MBE Simulator & Prep. This guarantee does not apply to a refund of AdaptiBar’s Early Study Option, Smart Online Flashcards, and/or Online Video Lectures. Users who qualify for the guarantee and select to receive a refund, waive any right to be eligible for AdaptiBar’s re-enrollment rate. Anyone who has claimed a refund under this guarantee must pay full price if they later choose to re-enroll for the following session or any future session.

California First Year Law Student Examinees do not qualify for this guarantee. Users with educational accounts, accounts paid for in whole or in part by an educational institution or a third party, and users located outside of the United States are not eligible for a refund of enrollment fees, but may be enrolled in the immediately succeeding session at no cost, if all other requirements are met.

Notice of failure must be mailed to:
AdaptiGroup LLC
33 N. Dearborn St., Ste. 1415
Chicago, IL 60602