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Concise videos covering all seven MBE subjects, including the strategies you need to pass the bar

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Learn from a true MBE master

All videos are presented by Professor Jonathan Grossman, one of the country's top MBE experts. He has years of experience distilling black letter law into concise, understandable portions, and is also equally well versed in teaching students how to apply that knowledge on the MBE. Honestly, he may be the best lecturer you've ever had.

A truly unique approach

Extremely practical focus using clear concepts with zero fluff.

Years of tutoring experience

1st time, 2nd time, even 5th time bar takers have all passed with Jonathan's help.

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Get everything you need

AdaptiBar combines the expertise of Professor Grossman with a complete curriculum and the best of modern technology. The AdaptiBar videos are available on all platforms and devices for easy viewing, and come with integrated note-taking capabilities.

View them on all devices

AdaptiBar's videos can be accessed on all platforms, even offline.

Take notes

Take notes on your lectures that sync across all of your devices.

Go beyond black letter law

AdaptiBar's unique "Mastering the MBE" video covers bar strategy and how to approach an MBE question.

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Flexible purchasing

Unlike other bar prep companies, AdaptiBar lectures can be purchased by subject, subtopic (e.g. Individual Rights), or together as a discounted bundle.

Our users love Jonathan heart

This is not an ad and I'm not getting paid but AdaptiBar is the best. Especially John Grossman. I will be a lawyer thanks mainly to John. He spoon feeds you the black letter law better than law school did for me! Then, once you have the black letter law foundation, you can go on to study the MBE and MEE with understanding. Thank you, John and AdaptiBar."

"Jonathan sticks to the fundamentals of law as it applies to the Bar exam. He guides you through the preparation process using foolproof study techniques that build your confidence - as well as your knowledge - so that you will be 100% ready on Bar exam day - and he does so with a sense of wit and humor that actually makes the process seem fun."

"I love the practical focus on how to answer questions and strip the material down to what is needed for the MBE."

"I loved it, especially the no nonsense attitude and the different approach than the many, many others I've seen."

"Professor Grossman identifies clearly for students the core concepts that actually appear on the test. Grossman's targeted techniques keep students from wandering off onto law school-like debates, and trains them with the clear purpose of passing the Bar exam. Professor Grossman's strategic, efficient and highly effective methods are only made more impactful by his terrific sense of humor and his warm personality. I honestly cannot recommend Professor Grossman highly enough."

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