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AdaptiBar uses 1,740 licensed MBE questions released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), the organization that writes the MBE. These questions have all appeared on previous exams and reflect the same form and content of those that will appear on your upcoming MBE. Plus, 210 new recently released questions (MBE Study Aid) have just been added. You'll now have access to over 1,900 MBE questions!

Timing is Everything

AdaptiBar's unique timing analysis calculates your sweet spot, or the time at which you answer questions with the greatest accuracy.

"Adapt" is in our Name For a Reason

AdaptiBar's intelligent technology assesses your timing and subject performance in each area tested on the MBE, then determines which subtopics (e.g. Negligence) you need the most work in and automatically adapts to focus on your weaknesses.

Focus is Key

Ours and yours. We are committed to the MBE and the MBE only. Know that you have a team of experts who have dedicated their professional lives to preparing you for this test.

The Perfect Companion/Copilot

If desired, users can adjust AdaptiBar's MBE subjects settings to match those being reviewed in their comprehensive course.

Confidence is King

Going into the most important test of your life armed with the knowledge that you are proven to score as AdaptiBar predicted will keep fear and stress from overwhelming your mind.

Always Question "Why?"

AdaptiBar is never content to simply give you the answers. We provide detailed explanations of every possible response (both right and wrong) from law professors and legal experts so that you may understand exactly why a response is correct or incorrect. See the complete list of AdaptiBar's Features.

Empathy is a Good Thing

We are a team of lawyers, law students, and tech experts who understand firsthand the rigors and pitfalls of bar preparation, especially the traditional kind. That's exactly why we set out to build a better mousetrap. Learn more about AdaptiBar's Satisfaction Guarantee.

Because it's 2019

At this point, making a big to-do about the versatility and convenience of an online program is like getting excited about indoor plumbing. The future is now, and passing the bar exam is closer than ever. Take advantage of it.

Not convinced AdaptiBar is the best way to prepare for the MBE?