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    Take a look at AdaptiBar reviews from past users!

"I liked not having to analyze my weaknesses and having AdaptiBar do it for me."

Nathan Rein
Oakdale, CA

"Hello AdaptiBar, Thank you so much for developing a great product. I passed the February 2010 California bar exam and I am thrilled! I worked full-time while studying for the exam ... and your product allowed me to get plenty of practice on the go and during shorter time periods, e.g. half an hour before work or fifteen minutes at lunch. Also, I felt confident going into the exam because of my AdaptiBar scores. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it."

Claire R.
Chicago, IL

"Your program was the most comprehensive and easy to use. I passed and I believe it had everything to do with drilling questions on your system... see you for the next bar exam."

Mark M.
San Diego, CA

"I really appreciate your program which helped me raise my MBE scores from 125 on the first attempt (without AdaptiBar) to 148! Thanks so much for coming up with this ingenious... program which is guaranteed to help each candidate pass the exam!"

Adejoke B.
London, UK

"AdaptiBar's questions gave me the confidence to take the MBE without fear of failure. After diligently applying myself to the AdaptiBar program I was fully prepared to answer almost any... question on the Bar. In fact the actual questions asked on the MBE were so similar to the questions asked in AdaptiBar that I felt like I was just going through the AdaptiBar questions all over again. AdaptiBar made the MBE easy!"

Nathan S.
Mead, NE

"I just wanted to let you know I passed the California Bar on my first attempt! I really credit you guys, as I was most concerned about the MBE because they are trick and multiple choice... is not my forte. I only used adaptibar (not PMBR). I loved the program and my overall score on completion was 70%. I think it really helped me on the bar and I highly recommend adaptibar!"

Deanna S.
Mission Viejo, CA

"I wanted to know how I could give credit and good praise to your program! I wanted to be a testimonial! I was a retaker, I used Barbri and Kaplan pmbr last time and still failed. This time... I exclusively used AdaptiBar for MBE prep. Results were posted yesterday AND I PASSED!! Thank you AdaptiBar!! NJ results are next month! But i'm confident I passed! Thank you!!"

Christopher B.
Newtown Square, PA

"I took the Florida Bar in July. On the MBE I got a 161 scaled. I attribute a lot of that to the amazingly easy access that your service provided. I was able to study from any internet... connection. I thought your answers to particular legal questions were far superior to BarBri. I also thought that your questions (while clearly based on the released NCBE questions) were far more representative of the types of questions that were on the MBE compared to BarBri questions or PMBR. Good work. I am in the process of recommending you guys to all my younger friends."

David C.
Tallahassee, FL

"I was confident going into the July MBE and the only study methods I used were a friends old subject outlines and AdaptiBar. Not only did I pass the MBE, but I completely rocked the test... I saved thousands of dollars compared to my classmates taking those obnoxious Bar/Bri classes. I am extremely grateful for this program, and I will be sure to spread the word about AdaptiBar."

Ed C.
Jersey City, NJ

"Dear AdaptiBar, I passed my first bar on my first attempt, in large part due to AdaptiBar. AdaptiBar was a... crucial tool in my bar prep toolbox, particularly in assessing areas of focus and getting my timing to where it needed to be. For the price, it's a tremendous value and no bar examinee should take the MBE without first having done AdaptiBar."

Stephen G.
Washington, DC

"I felt as though I could answer questions more efficiently and get more questions done per hour of studying."

Chuck D.
Marietta, GA

"I would just like to thank you for your great service. I am reading online other students who took PMBR and BAR/BRI practice tests and were thrown for a loop. They all felt the questions... on the MBE were harder. I felt perfectly prepared by AdaptiBar. Thanks to AdaptiBar I passed the July MBE. I could not have done it without your questions and your technology."

Rita R.
Kailua, HI

"I wanted to take this time to thank the person(s) behind AdaptiBar. I passed the Feb 2009 NY bar exam on the second try. I failed the first time with a 119 on the MBE (while taking PMBR)... and passed with a 146.7, when I enrolled in AdaptiBar. Thanks again for making the MBE strangely fun!"

Louisa C.

"Just want to thank you for your product. I credit your fashion of preparation with my passing the bar on the first try, with a degree from an unaccredited school with a pass rate below... 30% for my class. Your practical product is truly the most efficient for the motivated. Thank you for the hard work in developing your system. If anyone had a brain they would take advantage of the highly effective and inexpensive route to passing the bar."

Richard L.
Lowell, MA

"After taking two bar exams using the traditional methods (BarBri & PMBR), I used only AdaptiBar and passed every subject (Florida and the MBE) by using the AdaptiBar system. I... highly recommend it; not only for its convenience, explanations of answers, and the questions are actual MBE questions, which is a better simulation of what the actual MBE is. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Barbara C.
Fort Myers, FL

"I took the bar exam last year. While colleagues opted for more expensive, convoluted MBE programs, I opted for simplicity. I opted to use AdaptiBar. I was able to do more questions in... a shorter amount of time, and I familiarized myself with the MBEs I could expect on the bar exam. It was not a mistake... while others complained that the MBEs were totally unlike what they'd been practicing, I maintained confidence in seeing very similar questions. I passed on the first try, and never looked back. Thanks, AdaptiBar!"

Amy G.
Fresno, CA

"I took the California bar exam again in February 2008 and I really feel that AdaptiBar made all the difference in my passing this time around. It provided me with an excellent sense for how... I was doing on all six subject areas - both my strengths and weaknesses. I also loved the ease with which you could see the correct (and incorrect) answers. Most importantly, AdaptiBar gave me the confidence to know when I had spent enough time on a question, where my 'sweet spot' was for hopefully getting the answer right and moving on. While so many of the other prep courses focus on 1000's of questions, I came to trust the 1400 questions covered in this program as being the most accurate reflection of what the real MBE questions are like, and how I was doing overall. I let go of all that the other courses 'taught' me and surrendered to the wisdom of this truly ingenious program that seems to know what I needed to practice as I moved along. Trust this truly smart software and put the bar exam behind you."

Steve Z.
South Pasadena, CA

"I just wanted to thank you for creating AdaptiBar. With the help of your product, I was able to pass TWO bars! AdaptiBar is far more superior than PMBR - this coming from a former... PMBR head rep. I would (and do) recommend AdaptiBar because: (1.) It mirrors the actual MBE. No "simulated" questions... just pure MBE material. (2.) The way AdaptiBar adjusts makes learning much easier. The MBE is a practice in repetition... after a while you begin to pick up on patterns... AdaptiBar helps you see those patterns. (3.) AdaptiBar works with my technology addiction... it was much easier logging on my laptop or Palm (from anywhere) to practice, over pulling out those huge books. Your product rocks!!!"

Udoka O.
Yorktown, VI

"AdaptiBar and all contributing staff, I am a repeat taker of the CA Bar and have been in a rut... I've taken other courses (including BarBri, etc...) and could not get my MBE scores higher than 128 raw points. I've used your program and am testing at over 90%! 90%!!! From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you and AdaptiBar!"

Natan D.
Los Angeles, CA

"Just wanted to contact the crew at AdaptiBar and let you all know that I finally passed the Utah bar! I took it once using the main bar prep class, and fell 5 points short. I then focused... more on the MBE and found AdaptiBar. AdaptiBar uses real MBE questions which I believe gave me that extra help that I needed to get pass the bar. For the money, this is the best MBE prep course hands down. I'm not sure my exact score on the MBE because we don't get the score back, but I would recommend AdaptiBar to anyone taking the bar."

Sasha B.
Provo, UT

"I liked the format and the graphs. I also liked the feedback that was given when questions were answered incorrectly. This is an excellent program."

Stacie W.
Washington, DC

"Dear AdaptiBar Team, I have been out of law school for almost 10 years. However, my job placed me in Atlanta, so I was required to sit for the 2007 Georgia bar exam. Needless to say, I was not thrilled by the... prospect of retaking another bar exam - particularly knowing the MBE had been my "Achilles heel" on previous examinations. I was naturally apprehensive approaching exam day because I know from first hand experience in failing the bar that there is always a disparity between practice MBE questions developed by bar prep programs and what is actually tested on the MBE. However, unlike other programs, AdaptiBar's enabled me to experience a certain moment of truth - the ability to benchmark my strengths and weaknesses by subtopic, and quickly adjust my study focus accordingly. No other program out there does that. As a result, I had a more efficient and effective studying experience and scored much higher on the MBE than ever before. As a result, I passed Georgia's July 2007 Bar. In sum, I highly recommend your program to anyone, first-time bar taker, or someone who has struggled previously with the MBE. I want to thank you for providing me a cost-effective way to succeed on the MBE."

David I.
Atlanta, GA

"I loved the detailed explanations for every question, more importantly, explanations for why the other 3 answers are not correct. Other bar programs rarely addressed why other choices... were incorrect, or if they did, they only discussed one or two of them. You need to learn why your answer was wrong, not just why one choice is correct, in order to fully understand the concept and apply it later - so I really appreciated your answer analysis!"

Meg F.
Chicago, IL

"It was easy to access. I liked being able to copy and paste explanations of things I missed into a word document and incorporate them into my studying."

Nikki W.
Newnan, GA

"I loved how it broke down the topic within each subject and gave percentages there as well."

James F.
Miramar, FL

"I like that it tracked in detail my weak points. I actually printed out the full sub-topic graphs and highlighted and re-studied every section where my percentage was under 50%. Very... helpful. Also, customer service couldn't have been more prompt, helpful, and polite."

DeAnna B.
Indianapolis, IN

"I really appreciate your program, your courteousness and prompt attention when I had to call, and the opportunity you all have given me in hopes of passing the bar."

Eric Y.
Glen Allen, VA

"I took the baby bar exam and passed with the help of your program. I just answered the questions for the contracts, criminal law and torts questions. This was my third time taking... the baby bar and I truly believe that doing the hundreds of mbe's is what helped me finally pass. I had answered mbe's from the books before but wasn't able to get as many done because of the going back and forth to look at the answers. I just want to say thank you for helping me pass the baby bar (and I will be back for the state bar!)"

Darcie H., Visalia, CA

"I liked how easy it was to access. I did not have to lug books around if I went home for the weekend and wanted to just use the computer."

Nathan S.
San Diego, CA

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