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1,740 licensed MBE questions. Adaptive technology that learns with you. Get ready to upgrade your bar prep.

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Learn using licensed questions

AdaptiBar offers licensed MBE questions from the NCBE, each with a detailed explanation of every answer. In addition, there are an extra 200 simulated Civil Procedure questions written by legal experts. These questions reflect the same form and content as those that will appear on your upcoming MBE.

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Study with adaptive technology

AdaptiBar's patented adaptive technology quickly recognizes the areas of the MBE in which you excel and those where you have difficulty. It then automatically adjusts the presentation of questions accordingly to focus on your weaknesses without neglecting your strengths.

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Find your timing sweet spot

AdaptiBar helps you manage your time and perform at your best. On the MBE, you have 1.8 minutes to answer each question. AdaptiBar reflects the tension of real-exam conditions and monitors the time it takes you to answer each question, allowing you to develop and refine your internal timing.
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Track and analyze your performance

AdaptiBar lets you know exactly how you are performing in every subject and subtopic covered on the MBE with just a few clicks. You can even generate a customized report of all the questions that you previously answered in both AdaptiBar program modes: Practice Questions and Practice Exams.
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Study anytime, anywhere

With AdaptiBar, you can take your MBE prep anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Log in to your AdaptiBar account on any platform: desktop, tablet, or mobile. Then, when you log out, your data will be saved to pick up studying where you left off, whenever and wherever is convenient for you.